FSA – ACCA Online Classes

FSA – Financiopedia School of Accountancy is an online coaching institution offering live tuition for ACCA students. We have a qualified faculty (ACAs and ACCAs) having good teaching experience as well as practical experience of relevant fields. Our competent faculty, personal attention to students, 24/7 availability of teachers through WhatsApp groups / phone calls, and one week’s free trial classes are some of the prominent features of FSA. (You can view the profiles of our teachers by clicking here — Our Faculty)

For further details and queries, you are welcome to contact us at:

Email: info@financiopedia.com

Phone / WhatsApp: +92 333 5011 567

Learndesk.us Platform

For managing the operations of FSA, such as scheduling classes, receiving payments etc., we are using the platform of learndesk.us. You can visit our profile on the learndesk platform and check out the details of live classes.