Accounting of assets

In this section, we’ll explain different types of assets and various accounting concepts associated with these assets. Some major categories of assets which include property, plant and equipment, investments, inventories, and accounts receivables, are not covered in this section as accounting of these assets are explained in separate dedicated sections. Going through this section and above-mentioned dedicated sections will enable you to develop sound concepts related to accounting of assets.

Following chapters are included in this section:

  1. Current assets and non-current assets
  2. Monetary assets and non-monetary assets
  3. Tangible assets and intangible assets
  4. Intangible assets
  5. Goodwill
  6. Amortization of intangible assets
  7. Research and development expenditure
  8. Impairment of intangibles
  9. Investment properties
  10. Cost model and fair value model for investment properties
  11. Capitalization of borrowing cost
  12. Prepayments